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Requirements for Agile Teams: Who, What, When, How? with Geoff Hewson.


Many businesses are realizing that requirements are just as important in agile & Scrum projects as they were in previous projects. While many development teams are having success with agile & Scrum, dealing with requirements still has challenges because of Scrum’s different philosophy on requirements, where the details evolve and emerge as the project proceeds.

Getting a shared vision of the product to be developed right remains a significant impediment, and involving the right people outside of development remains a key driver for product acceptance. It’s the same problem as ever but needs doing in a different, agile way.

In this two-day class Geoff Hewson describes many tested methods that can help any organization using Scrum improve the way it handles requirements. The key differences and challenges of requirements in agile/Scrum projects are identified and participants will learn new agile requirements techniques as well as learning how to leverage what you already know about requirements within the agile approach. Read More.

Bring this class on-site and learn how to deal effectively with requirements for agile projects in the context of your real-life projects. Discover how!


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