SPC SpringBoard Training propels you higher, faster, farther

SPC SpringBoard Training is unique in its approach, with each seminar or workshop more like attending a mini-conference – but better. You interact directly with the industry’s gurus, experience direct technology transfer from them, and get exactly what you need to propel yourself to higher personal, team, and corporate value.

Each session is designed to energize and enlighten software developers. We’ve been in the software development trenches ourselves and know the deadline and budget pressures you face. That’s why we’ve engineered SPC SpringBoard Training to give you the lift and trajectory you need in your choice of convenient 1- or 2-day programs.

By sharing experiences, insights, and inspiration from seasoned leaders in software development, SPC SpringBoard Training accelerates your advance up today’s steeper learning curves and vaults you beyond the hurdles impeding your progress.

Education, Motivation, inspiration for software professionals

SPC SpringBoard Training is delivered by noted speakers, published authors, and fearless warriors. With over 100 engaging, expert training topics for software developers and their managers, SPC SpringBoard has a topic to jumpstart any individual or team:

  • Business Analysts can learn the core skills they need from guru Alec Sharp.
  • Developers and can hear the latest from Agile experts like Jeff Patton, Mary Poppendieck and Geoff Hewson.
  • Project managers can learn negotiating principles from Johanna Rothman.
  • Analysts and project teams can learn requirements gathering from Douglas Muir.
  • HR leaders can find out first-hand from Steve Trautman how Microsoft uses Peer Mentoring to share its corporate intellectual property.

If you do not see a topic in our mailings or on our website that fits your needs, SPC will also customize a SpringBoard program for your group. Find out More.

Why choose SPC SpringBoard Training for you or your team?

Clients have trusted SPC SpringBoard Training to give their software development teams the learning and mind set needed to clear their development hurdles and score a perfect 10.

SPC Springboard delivers a unique learning experience, where participants can build on their existing skills, and learn the new skills needed to help their organization in meeting its business objectives. Springboard course are led by instructors accomplished in their particular fields of software. Industry gurus, who have built their reputations through practical hands-on experience. This approach to training provides participants with a clear understanding of the fundamental principles necessary for individuals, teams and organizations to succeed.

SPC SpringBoard Training is the brand name for Software Productivity Center's public training program. SPC has trained teams big and small at ICBC, WorkSafe, Electronic Arts, Creo and Business Objects—to name a few. For over 14 years, we've provided training solutions, as well as lifecycle management consulting and supporting tools for the software development community.

With hundreds of courses and thousands of participants to its credit, SPC Springboard offers the best training in the software industry!

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