Steve Adolph's
The Agile (BA) Business Analyst
Geoff Hewson

February 19-20 2015  Vancouver BC     $1095 CAD   Register
May 12-13 2015           Vancouver BC     $1095 CAD   Register

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Course Overview
The business analyst role seems conspicuously missing from most agile methods. There are product owners and on site customers, but no business analysts. Do agile methods make business analyst an obsolete role? Certainly not! The iterative, incremental and opportunistic nature of the agile methods changes the business analyst role to a more exciting and fulfilling one. But how do you integrate what is sometimes portrayed as a plodding and documentation driven role into an agile project?

This workshop helps dispel many of the myths surrounding the business analyst role and agile software development. Like all other agile software development roles, the business analyst is a much more integrated and collaborative role. In this course we will illustrate how the agile business analyst utilizes their domain knowledge but leverages different tools to resolve the conflicting wishes of numerous project stake holders, satisfy the governance needs of the development organization, and ensure the project team clearly understand what is required of them. This course provides participants practical guidance for how the business analyst integrates and collaborates with all members of the team and how to improve the business analysis process by leveraging the agile software development process. Read More.

Who Should Attend
This intermediate level seminar is ideally suited to the Business Analyst, Project Managers, Developers, Testers, Stakeholders wanting to learn strategies and practices for integrating the business analyst into an agile process. This course is about creating an agile process business analysis process and is not an introduction to agile or business analysis. Familiarity with business analysis, requirements, use cases, and agile software development methods are assumed. Through a combination of presentations, group and class discussions, and hands-on exercises, this course will explore the guiding concepts and principles, tools and techniques specific to agile projects. Software developers, project managers, testers, product managers, business analysts, and customer representatives will all benefit.

Benefits and Learning Objectives
At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the business analyst in agile software development teams
  • Understand the difference between user stories and use cases
  • Learn strategies for iteratively and incrementally developing requirements
  • Know strategies for integrating requirements management into an agile software development process
  • Know guidelines and practices for designing and deploying an effective agile business analysis process
  • Read the Full Course Outline

Plus, receive valuable takeaways. The workshop manual helps you explore the guiding concepts and principles, tools and techniques specific to being an Agile (BA) Business Analyst along with valuable concept explanations and facilitation techniques used within the course.

Read the Instructor Bio: Geoff Hewson.

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February 19-20    Vancouver, BC         $1095 CAD   Register
May 12-13             Vancouver, BC         $1095 CAD   Register

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This seminar is available for on-site delivery. Find out More.

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