Certified Product Owner Training
Arlen Bankston

June 17-18, 2010    Vancouver BC     $1295 CAD   Register

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Course Overview
This two‐day Product Owner certification course provides everything you need to be an effective customer to a Scrum team. On completion, participants are registered as Certified Product Owners (CPOs), which includes a one year membership in the Scrum Alliance, (www.scrumalliance.org) where valuable materials and information are available exclusively to CPOs.

You will learn the essential concepts and tools of Scrum, differences between agile processes and traditional "waterfall" methodologies, and how your particular role as a business customer will change when interacting with Agile teams. Participants will learn how to effectively manage and prioritize product backlogs, plan releases and sprints, track and report progress, and scale Scrum to program‐level efforts.

This course is taught by leading Agile practitioners with decades of real‐world industry experience at companies ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 100. Exercises, demonstrations, facilitated discussions, case studies, tool and template examples and more are interwoven throughout the course to illustrate the principles being taught in a comprehensive fashion interactively tailored to each class’s particular needs.

After successfully completing this class, participants will be registered with the Scrum Alliance as Certified Product Owners, and will have on-line access to the class training materials and any updates for one year.

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Who Should Attend
This workshop is ideal for Business Customers, Product Managers and Line Managers aiming to maximize the benefit that they receive from their Agile projects by learning how to better prioritize and interface with Agile teams.

Benefits and Learning Objectives
Participants will complete the training with the knowledge to:

  • Introduction to Agile
    1. A Case for Change
    2. Scrum Process Overview
    3. Team Structures & Roles
  • Planning: Modeling the Problem
    1. Release Planning
    2. Discovery Sessions
    3. Identifying and Modeling Users & Customers
    4. Agile Estimating & Forecasting
    5. Identifying Measurable Product Goals
    6. Modeling Product Usage
    7. Product Backlog
  • Executing: Creating a Solution
    1. Interacting with the Team
    2. Sprint Planning
    3. Sprint Backlog
    4. Sprint
    5. Daily Scrum
    6. Distributed Delivery
  • Evaluating: Testing & Honing the Solution
    1. Feedback Loops
    2. Sprint Review
  • Adapting: Tuning the Process
    1. Sprint Retrospectives
    2. Release & Organizational Retrospectives
  • Reference Material
    1. Resource & Portfolio Management
    2. Tracking & Managing Technical Debt
    3. Agile Contracts
    4. The Agile Game
  • Read the Full Course Outline.

Plus, receive valuable takeaways. The workshop manual supplies hard copy of the presentation and exercise materials. In addition, all participants receive electronic access to materials available exclusively to Certified Product Owners (CPOs) . After successfully completing this class, participants will be registered with the Scrum Alliance as Certified Product Owners.

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June 17-18, 2010    Vancouver, BC         $1295 CAD   Register

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