Cross Group Collaboration
Stacey Dickinson

November 10, 2014   Vancouver, BC          $595 CAD   Register
March  5, 2015          Vancouver, BC          $595 CAD   Register

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Course Overview
Effective collaboration pays huge dividends - more projects are completed on time and on budget, morale increases, customers are more satisfied (as is the business), and trust is built and shared between groups and departments. If your team could benefit from any of these outcomes, Cross Group Collaboration will get you on the right track.

This highly interactive 1-day course focuses on identifying the challenges of working across teams and focuses participants on developing practical, everyday strategies and solutions. It begins with an intensive simulation exercise that develops awareness of cross group dynamics and the critical factors to improve the collaboration process, and then provides practical tools for achieving smart, effective collaboration among teams. Read More.

Who Should Attend
This seminar will be useful to anyone at any level of the organization who depends on other teams to complete work will benefit from this workshop - this includes leaders and managers, as well as individual contributors.

Benefits and Learning Objectives
The workshop then provides practical tools that you can put to use right away to improve interactions during the planning, working and wrap-up phases of cross-group projects. Participants leave knowing effective, on-the-job skills and content that can be used immediately, and the tools they receive will help them tailor solutions that meet their business needs and culture:

  • How to define roles, areas of accountability, dependencies and escalation paths
  • Determining measures of success for individuals, teams, and collaboration
  • Correctly planning for regular communication and identifying risks
  • Techniques to troubleshoot potential conflicts
  • Effectively monitoring deliverable milestones and acceptance criteria
  • How to successfully wrap-up a collaborative project
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Plus, receive valuable takeaways. The workshop manual manual supplies full concept explanations and techniques used within the course. The workshop manual also provides specific instructions on how to complete the 10 "tools" or worksheets such as: the Collaborative Success Definition, Risk Planner, Milestone Monitor, and Troubleshooting Collaboration. A tablet with 2 copies of each worksheet is also provided to work on in class, and have available for use when participants are back in their office. In addition a quick reference card is provided that identifies how each tool mitigates common collaboration challenges, as well as lists 10 best practices to improve cross group collaboration.

Some comments from past participants:

"I already recommended this to my entire team....It should be made as a mandatory training for every employee....Exercises were great, well structured, and raised very salient points....This training should be a mandatory one for all new hires....It is simply THAT good and invaluable to getting any job done."

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November 10        Vancouver, BC           $595 CAD   Register
March 5                  Vancouver, BC           $595 CAD   Register

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