Managing Strengths & Conflicts:
Making Your Team a Winner
Douglas Muir

September 26-27, 2013            Vancouver BC     $1095 CAD   Register

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Wouldn’t it be great if the people in your life came with an instruction manual? Imagine how much stronger your relationships would be if you understand what makes people tick -- both when things were going well and when there was conflict and opposition. Many of the world’s most successful individuals believe that being skilled in the art of relationships is a crucial factor in their success. These interpersonal relationship skills include an awareness and understanding that the way we see things may differ from how other people see things.

This workshop utilizes the SDI® (Strength Deployment Inventory®) and Relationship Awareness — a learning model for effectively and accurately understanding the motive behind behavior. When people recognize the unique motivation of themselves and others, they greatly enhance their ability to communicate more effectively AND handle conflict more productively.

The tools provided in this workshop help people to identify the source of their conflict and manage it more effectively—reducing unwarranted conflict and turning warranted conflict into opportunities for growth and the strengthening of relationships. These tools are unique among conflict management tools because they assess individuals' motivational values. They get at the reasons behind conflict behaviors and show how those reasons connect to an individual's motivational values when things are going-well. Read More.

Who Should Attend
This seminar will be useful to project managers, managers, team leaders software engineers and anyone else involved with a team environment where individuals must work together towards shared goals will find value and flexibility in the practices discussed in this course.

Learning Objectives
This workshop provides powerful learning experiences. Participants are challenged to choose behavior more consciously; to reframe and prevent unwarranted conflict, to actively manage warranted conflict in such a way as to restore the self-worth of everyone involved and therefore produce higher quality work and create better working environments.

The participant works through a series of activities designed to raise their awareness of motives and conflict sequences—for themselves and the other team members. They then shift to activities that lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other, followed by activities designed to promote interpersonal effectiveness.

Learning areas include;

  • Relationship Awareness Theory
  • The SDI; create an inventory of your own motivation and how it relates to others
  • Understanding personal strengths
  • Understanding individual weaknesses
  • Strength management: choosing behavior
  • Self-worth and conflict models
  • Feedback as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about relationships
  • Setting expectations for roles and relationships
  • Read the Full Course Outline.

Plus, receive valuable takeaways. The workshop materials provides concept explanations and techniques used within the course. In addition participants will take away a completed SDI which provides powerful insight to their own motivations and the impact on others also provides ideas on how to manage their relationships with others going forward to get the outcomes they want.

Read the Instructor Bio: Douglas Muir.
                                 The instructor is a Qualified SDI Facilitator.

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September 26-27, 2012                Vancouver, BC         $1095 CAD   Register

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This seminar is available for on-site delivery. Find out More.

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