Managing Outsourced/Sub-Contracted Projects
Pamela Hollington

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Course Overview
This seminar presents principles and practices for managing software and systems development projects that are outsourced to suppliers (principally offshore) for implementation. The seminar is organized along the lines of the Software Subcontract Management Process. Each section of the process is described briefly, along with tips about how to perform each process step effectively and efficiently. Additional detail is provided on the key steps of developing the product requirements, managing risks, and managing the outsourced project. The goal is for seminar participants to be able to apply the Software Subcontract Management Process appropriately and effectively to enable their outsourced projects to succeed.

The seminar and supporting course material was authored by industry guru Karl Karl Wiegers author of the best selling Microsoft Press Book Software Requirements 2 and More about Software Requirements: Thorny Issues and Practical Advice. If your organization is familiar with Karl Wiegers common-sense approach to requirements, you'll find this course is the perfect companion, providing expert guidance on what to do when the project will ultimately be performed by people from outside your organization who are not familiar with your habits and customs. Read More.

Who Should Attend
This seminar is ideal for project managers, subcontract managers, purchasing staff, product managers, requirements analysts, technical leads, quality assurance managers, and others who will be involved in specifying the requirements for outsourced projects, managing the project, or accepting outsourced products.

Benefits and Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • summarize the Software Subcontract Management Process
  • use the templates, checklists, and other work aids included in the process
  • apply several techniques for requirements development
  • identify and manage risks for an outsourced project
  • develop a Request for Proposal
  • select a qualified supplier
  • manage an outsourced project
  • get the full course outline

Plus, receive valuable takeaways. The workshop manual supplies full concept explanations and techniques used within the course along with valuable templates and a 50+ page book written by Karl Wiegers that describes in detail the complete Software Subcontract Management Process.

Some comments from past participants:

“This course was very relevant to my current role. Checklists/templates will definitely be useful. Overall a great course."
“It presented a good basic level approach that I had not seen until now."
"Pamela is really knowledgeable, her personal stories in relation to the topics were great."

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This seminar is available for on-site delivery. Find out More.

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