Seminars On-site

Almost very SpringBoard course is available for on-site delivery to your team.
Software Productivity Center & SPC SpringBoard have earned the reputation of providing top quality instruction specific to the needs and requirements of the software development community. The best instructors providing the best content…that’s the goal for SPC SpringBoard.

Ongoing education and skills improvement are two key success factors in improving the software delivery lifecycle. But attending an open-enrollment course isn’t always the best answer – sometimes the training dates don’t fit your schedule, it’s difficult to get to the training location, or your department can’t afford to have too many people away from the office. In these cases, on-site training can often provide more benefits than individual open-enrollment attendance.

Why bring a SpringBoard course on-site? The benefits.
Most SPC SpringBoard courses can be delivered at your site. This is an ideal solution for organizations wanting more customized course content and a tailored approach to its delivery. On site training offers numerous benefits:

  • Lowered costs. On site training is a cost-effective option for multiple attendees. On sites can also extend training budgets significantly by lowering the per trainee fee. For most classes you will pay as much as 50% less per attendee than the regular course registration fee.
  • Complete confidentiality. On site courses provide a private and candid learning experience as discussions center on your organization’s unique needs and challenges
  • Tailored content. On site delivery provides increased flexibility around course content and case studies – components of the curriculum can be tailored to your industry or your company
  • Fast payback. On site training is highly effective – lecture, exercise and discussion activities are solely devoted to information that is relevant to your team’s work. This new knowledge can be put to use right away
  • Convenient scheduling. On site training is easy to arrange and can be booked around team or project schedules for a date that is most convenient to the group.
  • Improved relationships. The on site experience is one of team building so everyone works better together. Attendees learn with their peer group through shared discussion and experiences.

With on site training, SPC SpringBoard extends the opportunity, benefits and quality of its open enrollment curriculum conveniently to your location. For many companies this is an efficient, economical, and flexible training option.

Now you know the benefits, view the SpringBoard Catalog to pick the course that matches your needs.

To learn more about how easy and cost-effective SPC SpringBoard on site training can be for your organization.

Contact us at info@spc.ca or 604.662.8181 / 1.877.548.1948.


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